COOMBES becomes CIEEM Practice Members

COOMBES becomes CIEEM Practice Members

We are delighted to announce that we have officially become Practice Members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), demonstrating our commitment to preserving the natural world and enhancing the ecological value of the sites in which we operate.

What is CIEEM?

CIEEM is the leading professional body representing ecologists and environmental managers in the UK, Ireland, and abroad. The Institute is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of practice for the benefit of nature and society. By upholding professional excellence, supporting career development, and facilitating knowledge exchange among its members, CIEEM contributes to the continuous improvement of ecological and environmental management practices.

"We're dedicated to providing a full range of ecology services to the rail industry and helping our clients achieve their sustainability and environmental goals. As Registered Practice members, we are now part of a larger community that promotes the highest standards of practice and supports the professional development of its members."

<span class="text-small text-neutral-400">Craig Mills - Environmental Manager</span>

How CIEEM Membership benefits our clients

As CIEEM Practice Members, we join a passionate community of professionals committed to upholding the highest ecological and environmental management industry standards. This membership enables us to access the latest research, updates, and best practices related to ecology, ensuring that our clients, including Network Rail, receive the most informed and effective solutions for their projects. 

Our membership also allows us to collaborate with other professionals and organisations, fostering partnerships that bring added value to the UK railway sector. Through these collaborations, we can contribute to the development of innovative solutions that enhance biodiversity and ecological resilience.

Delivering value to Network Rail and the rail sector

As one of the UK's only rail-dedicated environmental contractors, our years of industry-specific and ecological expertise gives us a unique insight into the habitats and associated challenges that come with managing the lineside estate. 

Our CIEEM Practice Membership reinforces our commitment to providing Network Rail and other clients within the UK railway sector with the highest quality ecological and environmental management services. As members, we are better equipped to address the unique ecological challenges associated with railway infrastructure, ensuring that our clients receive tailored, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions.

Our membership allows us to actively participate in discussions and share our expertise and experience within the CIEEM community, contributing to the advancement of ecological best practices and innovation within the railway sector.

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment

Becoming CIEEM Practice Members is just one way we demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and the environment. We remain committed to implementing environmentally friendly practices throughout our work, minimising our ecological footprint, and actively promoting environmental conservation and biodiversity throughout the delivery of our work.

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