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From woodland creation to timber harvesting and sales, we help a range of landowners in the UK to sustainably manage their forests and woodlands.

Timber Harvesting and Marketing

Timber Harvesting and Marketing

We provide sustainable timber harvesting and marketing services to a wide range of clients throughout Southern and Central England, including Forestry England and small estate owners and managers.
Forestry and Woodland Management

Forestry and Woodland Management

Whether you require advice on creating a new woodland or assistance managing an established one, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of services that will help you to meet your economic and environmental goals.
Access and Haulage Roads

Access and Haulage Roads

Access tracks and haulage roads are essential to the sustainable and efficient management of woodlands, so we assist landowners and managers with their planning, construction, repair, and maintenance.‍
Ash Dieback Harvesting

Ash Dieback Harvesting

Managing ash dieback is extremely dangerous, both for our team and for the general public. But thanks to our modern fleet of forestry machinery, including harvesters and Vosch grapple-saw equipped excavators, mean we can help our clients to manage ash dieback trees in a safe and efficient manner.
Site Clearance services

Site Clearance services

We provide comprehensive and reliable tree and vegetation site clearance services for both small and large-scale civils and construction projects. Our highly specialised fleet of equipment includes whole tree chippers, forestry machinery, and our On-Track Plant with a variety of attachments such as grapple saws, flails and stump grinders. ‍
Planting and Woodland Creation

Planting and Woodland Creation

Woodland creation has become a major focus in the UK as the government seeks to tackle climate change and promote biodiversity. Landowners and farmers can benefit from several funding schemes designed to encourage them to establish new woodlands.
Ips typographus Management

Ips typographus Management

We offer a comprehensive, pro-active service for woodland owners with spruce to realise market values for all products before the trees become infected, or if you have already been issued a Statutory Plant Health Notice (SPHN).

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COOMBES Forestry plant and machinery

Modern forestry plant and machinery.

From personal experience, we've learnt that old equipment is unreliable and inefficient. This is why we constantly upgrade and replace our own forestry fleet of machines and equipment with the latest and best options available.

Not only does this ensure that the quality of our work is the best it can be, but they are also more fuel efficient and produce less emissions, making them kinder on the environment.

Sustainability Goals

COOMBES Forestry

Meet the team

Tim DickerTim Dicker

Tim Dicker

Senior Forestry Manager
Michael BottMichael Bott

Michael Bott

Senior Forestry Works Manager
Lauren WestLauren West

Lauren West

Forestry Administrator
Lisa PetherickLisa Petherick

Lisa Petherick

Assistant Forestry Works Manager

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